Nylas is a modern developers paradise—a platform for email, calendars and contacts that's laid a new foundation for devs to build on. Hundreds of applications are powered by Nylas Cloud infrastructure including their flagship desktop app Nylas N1. 

+ Naming
+ Identity Design


Nylas [Nilas]: a type of sea ice known for it's dynamic qualities. A mass that doesn't simply grow and melt, but flexes and rolls with the ocean underneath.


Nylas is a name that evokes power. It's small components working in tandem are what makes it strong—it's team. A name that is firmly grounded but incredibly nimble.


Controlled Power, Genesis / Foundation, Incomprehensible Scale, Imaginative Inquisition; a tool, team and company akin to an iceberg—what you see is a sliver of the mass, depth and power of the entirety.


Naming a company is a challenge—one met by an incredible amount of research and storytelling. Who is this company? What are their strengths and superpowers? These four concepts laid the initial groundwork that led to the company's new name.



The mark, inspired by a series of paper cut-out explorations, emerged from the underlying concept of something flexible and dynamic—individual but connected pieces that move in tandem. 


There's a beautiful poetry to how sea ice moves—as a unit, but with flexibility. Smaller pieces that create a larger, more powerful force—like the Nylas team.


The bold yet playful design inspires layers of information and data; individually complex but as a unit, strong and simple. Able to be toned up or down with a single color-system, the flexibility allows the mark to evolve with the company while maintaining it's core.

The Nylas team was able to take the mark and run with it based on delivery of a simple usage 1-pager, color system, typography and pattern systems. 

Nylas source sheet

Nylas source sheet