"We engaged Cuban Council to help us with the rebrand of our company. Dana was chosen as the head creative and we soon came to experience her fantastic creativeness along with her impressive ability to understand, interpret and capture the essence of who we are and what we do. 

As we are an Australian company and Dana was based in New York, we decided to fly her down-under so she would get the full understanding of our company values, culture, goals and business model. Being a short term loan company, outsiders sometimes mistakingly group us with unethical lending companies and it was important for us that Dana got the true picture of who she was working with and how we are different. At the end of the day, her job was to capture the essence our company and create a unique visual identity that represented what we were all about. Not an easy job, if you ask me. 

When you work with truly talented people you are propelled to the next level. Dana ended up doing an excellent job for us. Creating a logo and full visual identity which helped to excel our company to a whole new level, changing not only how customers and external parties perceive our company but also how our staff feel about who they work for. The rebrand played a significant part in more than doubling our growth this year and it improved our ability to attract smart heads for our internal team as well as external business partners and investors. 

Dana did such a good job that we have continued to work with her on a number of other projects including a complete redesign of our website and mobile site. She is a master of simple, intuitive and beautiful online design. She always delivers high quality work and takes feedback with an impressive openness, never showing any signs of being offended but just working towards the perfect result. 

I would highly recommend Dana to anyone as long as she still has time to work with us."

- Johan Kriegbaum, COO at Nimble (VIA LINKEDIN)


"Izola hired Dana to redesign our website in the fall of 2012. 

She was an absolute pleasure to work with and exceeded our expectations in terms delivering the project on time and on target. I was astounded at how naturally she understood the essence and identity of our brand and how seamlessly and accurately she translated that to the web. She has a solid understanding of UI design. 

I look forward to working with Dana on more projects in the near future, and would gladly recommend her to others in need of design work."



"I worked with Dana for a long period at Cuban Council New York, seeing her mature into an incredibly confident and strong designer, with a very solid grasp on designing quirky and effective brands. 

Her drive is exceptional, her energy and work on her own projects makes me jealous. She was never rattled when dealing with clients, no matter who it was... 

But wait! There's more! Her illustration style is friggin awesome. And her personality is the bomb."